I grew up in post-communist Warsaw, Poland. My adventure with graphics dates back to 1992 when I made my first "drawings" on
Atari ST using Deluxe Paint software trying to follow game graphic designers of that time. Low DPI and poor color range pushed me to develop a precise technique in order to master each and every pixel. In the mid 90's, I've got involved with Demoscene, a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. It was basically an informal group of computer enthusiasts who were trying to overcome the limitations of computers during the mid 90's. The Demoscene was more than just a training ground for my graphic skills, it also taught me important lessons about teamwork. Graphic artists, musicians and programmers worked all-together to elaborate demos. I was a member of several PC demo groups including Revolt, Mosaic, Grinders, and Hellcore which became one of the leading demo groups in Poland in the late 90's.

Currently I reside in Connecticut. My clientele including businesses, musicians, entrepreneurs from New York City, Philadelphia, Fairfield County Connecticut, Lost Angeles California, Glasgow Scotland and Warsaw Poland. I worked closely with music artists such as
MGMT (NY) , The Prodigy (UK), Analog Angel (Glasgow Scotland), The Loveliers (Warsaw Poland), Josh Wink (Philadelphia, PA) just to name a few.


Personal computers and desktop publishing software have produced a multitude of individuals and groups claiming to be "designers". Your business and money shouldn't be at the mercy of hobbyists.
I'm a professional trained graphic designer/web designer with
many years of experience. I also hold a degree in Visual Communication.


Successful design requires more than artistry. Discovering what will be most beneficial and satisfying to the client entails careful methodology. Together, the client and designer are looking for the best solution, aesthetically and strategically. Wasting time and money on hit or miss concepts can be avoided.


My schedule quickly fills up. If you would like some work done, please contact him well before your project needs to be completed.
Last minute jobs are occasionally fulfilled, but this is quickly becoming a rarity.


Clients will not be cheated, manipulated or
lied to.


Why is design so expensive? The truth is, it doesn't have to be - the cost of design should make sense with your budget and the scope of your project. You will be given a fair price - neither cheap and insulting to the quality of my work nor dishearteningly expensive and hindering your needs.


As with all businesses, there are limitations to my capabilities.
This is where process becomes important, identifying client needs and fulfilling them properly from the start. If your needs are beyond my timeframe, you will be informed.

Moral & Respectful

If your project need generally relies on human vices (lust, lying, substance abuse, violence, hate, etc.) to succeed, please look elsewhere for a designer.

  Graphic Design

“Graphic Design” is many things to many people. To some it means “to make stuff look pretty.” To me this superficial definition does not give credit to the thought, skill or value of a well executed design. When the principals of design are properly implemented, a mood is created, a perceived value is portrayed, and an intrinsic logic emerges to why elements exist.

Web Design

With web design, there are even more components of design that need to be considered. Consistency, clarity, usability, flow, good taxonomy, and organization are all critical to a good user experience. For me, a good design follows the concept of “form follows function.” This “less is more” attitude tends to unclutter design and stream-line functionality.

Appearances can be Revealing

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, in today's fast paced world, we rarely have time to read a whole book to know if it is good or not. We attempt to evaluate things by the visible clues available. After all, if you see a front yard with weeds, oil stains in the driveway, and pealing paint on the house, what are the chances the interior decoration is exceptional? Poorly executed design is a sign that corners were cut on the project. If you can’t trust the quality of what can be openly seen, what kind of integrity do you think the hidden elements of a project will have? Good graphic design is essential to business. It is the primary way of communicating professionalism and credibility when being presented to the public.

Who decides what's art and what isn't?

To the question as to who decides what art is or is not, answers should be geared towards a more flexible understanding of art. Art is not a fixed, specifically space-bound and color-bound concept. It is a boundary-transcending notion in the sense that what is viewed as art by a people A can be viewed otherwise by a people B and so on and so forth. In clearer terms, art only obeys a plural understanding. African art is not like European art and vice versa. It is that logic of differences that presides over the definition of art. Art is art so long as the producer says so and prompts argumentations that support compellingly his/her theses. NO ONE decides what art is and what is not. Everything is art. The only way to get out of the conceptual bog is to be open-minded and and more accommadative than we now are by simply letting people venture in their understanding something that a certain category of people in the academe hijacked, strait-jacketed and slotted in the specific geographic space. If the product of the imagination of a person is submitted to the scrutiny of one of the above-mentioned, they will simply outrule it for the mere reason that it does not originate from the mold art is supposed to be.
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